Truck Trailer Parts Suspension System Rubber Air Spring 16 13810 000 W01-358-9448/1R11150

Truck Trailer Parts Suspension System Rubber Air Spring 16 13810 000 W01-358-9448/1R11150

Truck Trailer Parts Suspension System Rubber Air Spring 16 13810 000 W01-358-9448/1R11150 We mainly supply Truck Trailer Parts Suspension System Rubber Air Spring 16 13810 000 W01-358-9448/1R11150 20 years . We have high quality products, Our Company has passed ISO9001 /TS16949 certificate, with...

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Truck Trailer Parts Suspension System Rubber Air Spring 16 13810 000   W01-358-9448/1R11150

Product Introduction 

Working principle 
Whether that is a reversible sleeve style or convoluted air spring, it operates on the same principle. 
The air spring contains a column of compressed air. With the increase of load, the height of the air spring decreases. Meanwhile, the volume of the air-column is reduced and the rigidity of the spring is increased. Thus, the air spring's effective bearing capacity is increased. 
When the load decreases, the spring height increases, and meanwhile, the spring rigidity decreases and the bearing capacity is reduced. 
Hence, within the effective travel range of the spring, the load carrying capability of an air spring can be determined by the spring height, air-column volume, and so on. In addition, increasing the pressure inside the air spring and increasing the diameter of the air spring are also effective in increasing the load carrying capacity of the product.

As compared with steel lead and coil springs, etc., an air spring has the following advantages: 
1. Variable load-carrying capability 
As mentioned on working principle section, the load carrying capability of an air spring is adjustable through variety of ways. 
2. Adjustable spring rate 
A change in air pressure can not only change the load carrying capability, but also change the spring rate without changing the height and without a significant change in the natural frequency. 
3. User-friendly height control 
Taking advantage of the air pressure from the compressor, the air spring height can be adjusted to a desired height or maintained by a closed loop control system. This provides the air spring with Load Leveling and Squatting capabilities which steel springs cannot offer. 
4. Low friction action 
Unlike steel leaf and coil springs, an air spring comes with a flexible rubber member separating the rigid attachment points to the frame and suspension, etc. So, there is freedom to move without the resistance and friction.

Air springs are extensively used on vehicle suspension systems, elevating system, vibration isolator, drivers' seats, railway vehicles, and more. 
1. Used in vehicle suspension system 
Vehicle suspension system coming with an air spring is called air suspension system. The use of air spring helps achieve the automatic adjustment of the vehicle height, thus realizing constant height of the vehicle. The vehicle suspension system using the air spring comes with advantages like low natural frequency, good sound insulation and vibration reduction performance. This allows the vehicles to run smoothly, and improves the comfortability and softness of seats, and meanwhile, the air spring also function to protect the electrical devices, precision devices and vehicle body, etc. from damages caused by severe vibration, etc. Hence, air suspension system can effectively reduce maintenance frequency and extend the service life of vehicles and roads as well. 
With these advantages, air spring will become more and more popular on vehicle suspension systems.

2. Used in lifting system 
Conventional lifting systems, like hydraulic and pneumatic lifting system, require large space and are heavy in weight and as a result, they are not convenient for maintenance. However, lifting system using air spring has advantages like low maintenance, long service life, and easy replacement. Due to these advantages, air spring is increasingly popular among elevating equipment industry.

3. Used in vibration isolator 
Advantages like low natural frequency of vibration and good sound insulation as well as high frequency vibration isolation performance allow an air spring to perform very well in vibration isolators. The air spring can ensure the safe performance and steady of equipment base and control system, etc. It has found applications in the vibration isolator for vibrating screens and high-grade car seats.

4. Other applications 
Utilizing air springs as the vibration reduction base can effectively prevent precision instruments from damages caused by vibration during transportation. This makes air spring well received in transportation for guided missiles and launchers, etc. 
Meanwhile, the air spring is also commonly used as support device for vehicle and equipment maintenance as a result of its light weight and convenient use.

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