What Are The System Components Of The Car Chassis?

- Jun 23, 2017-

1, the transmission system

Professional car chassis drive system can be generated by the engine power transmission to the vehicle's drive wheel, in order to achieve the purpose of vehicle driving. At the same time the transmission system also has a vehicle deceleration and variable speed, reversing and interruption of power and other aspects of the function, with the engine work can let the vehicle in a variety of conditions under normal driving.

2, driving system

Driving is the most important function of the vehicle, and the realization of this function is closely related to the car chassis, because the car chassis to accept the power of the drive system, by driving the wheel and the road between the force to produce traction so that vehicles can On the normal driving, and if the road rugged, but also to ease the level of the ground caused by the impact of the impact of the vehicle, can reduce the vehicle running too heavy vibration to ensure a more smooth vehicle driving.

3, steering system

Since the steering system in the car chassis can change the rotation of the steering wheel into the swing of the steering rocker, the vehicle is turned in the direction of operation by steering steering force to achieve the purpose of turning the vehicle.

4, brake system

The main purpose of the braking system on the car chassis is to brake, by allowing the vehicle to produce the opposite direction of the external force, to achieve the forced driving of the vehicle to slow down or stop the purpose, or in the downhill way to maintain the stability of the vehicle.