The Working Principle Of Automobile Brake Chamber

- Jun 23, 2017-

The car's brake chamber is also called the car's brake cylinder, its function is to compress the air pressure into mechanical force, this mechanical force can drive the brake camshaft rotation, and ultimately to the car's braking action. What parts of the car's brake chamber are in the end? Brake chamber components include air intake, shell, diaphragm, cover, support plate, bolts, putter, clamp, return spring and other components. When the car is braked, the air can enter the brake chamber through the air intake, when the diaphragm is due to air pressure and began to deformation, and then push the putter, and at the same time drive the adjustment arm, turn the brake cam , The ultimate realization of the car brake. Similarly, it is not difficult to understand, how can lift the car brake? Only need to brake the air chamber out of the air, the diaphragm and putter back to the original position, you can achieve.

Our more common brake chambers include diaphragm, piston, and compound. The diaphragm-type brake chamber separates its two chambers from the diaphragm in two different spaces, and the connection fork is connected to the brake adjustment arm. Piston brake chamber is used for a long time, thanks to the piston can work longer than the diaphragm time, but the composition of the piston-type air chamber is not simple, therefore, the cost is not low, it will mainly appear in the big On the truck. The components of the compound brake chamber include the parking brake chamber and the running brake chamber, and the function can also take into account both.