How To Replace The Brake Pads Of The Drum Brakes

- Jun 23, 2017-

As the driving habits, driving traffic, brake frequency and brake pads of different materials, so the drum brake brake pads are different wear. The brake pads of the drum brakes are the key parts of the vehicle when they are braked and must be changed when they are worn to a certain extent. So how do you replace the brakes with good stability of the drum brakes?

Step one: check

Before changing the brake pads of the drum brakes, the first step is to check the position of the brake fluid. This is because the brake pads will change the brake oil in the oil back to the top, so if the brake oil level will cause a higher oil spill. If this happens, need to unscrew the cover and pad a few oil-absorbing paper to prevent oil spill.

Step 2: Remove the brake clamp

Check the brake disc and brake pads, you can proceed to change the drum brake brake pads. First to remove the reed, the more common "word" screwdriver to remove it. However, it is important to note that the installation of different models of the spring and the location of the method are slightly different, so a lot of attention in order to return. After removing the retainer, remove the bolts with two calipers fixed from the inside of the brake caliper, and then change the brake pads of the professional drum brakes.

Step three: change the new film

After the brake caliper is removed, the brake pads of the original drum brakes can be removed and replaced with new ones. This step is simpler, but when changing the new film, make sure that the new brake pads are aligned with the fixing bolt holes for easy installation. Install the new brake pads, buckle good reed and screw the fixed bolts, the change in the drum brake brake pads on the basic operation.

Step four: step on the brakes, loading wheels

In fact, change the drum brakes of the new brake pads, the need to enter the car, many times on the brake pedal. This is done in order to drive the brake cylinder through the brakes to squeeze the brake pads to reset them. Also check the brake oil pump is working properly. After the inspection, you can install the wheels, and twist the fixing bolts, the whole change drum brake brake process is successful.

Braking system is one of the important safety system of the vehicle. For the safety of the traffic and the braking performance, the brake pads of the drum brakes are often checked and changed. For those who have professional tools and excellent technology, drum brake brake pads can be changed according to the above steps, but it is recommended that you better find a professional maintenance division to replace.