How To Identify The Quality Of The Car Chassis Is Good Or Bad?

- Jun 23, 2017-

1, look at the material of the suspension system

Under normal circumstances, commonly used in the chassis of the suspension control arm material is steel and aluminum alloy material. And one of the ordinary domestic vehicle chassis using steel control arm, the high-end models will use aluminum alloy material. Because the aluminum alloy material not only can fully meet the required strength of the suspension can also reduce the weight of the vehicle, and reduce the quality of the hanging spring and improve the performance of the suspension response and driving performance.

2, look at the protection of the chassis workmanship

Second, we identify the quality of the chassis when the chassis also look at the protection of the chassis, in particular, need to focus on the engine under the shield, the bottom of the body coating or cover cover and oil pipe guarding the parcel and front and rear wheels Protection board and so on. General high-quality car chassis will be in these areas do a good job of security, so as to ensure the life of the chassis.

3, look at the structure of sub-frame

Because the car chassis sub-frame is the vehicle suspension system and the body between a connection "bridge", so to identify the quality of the car chassis you need to look at the sub-frame structure to ensure that the structure reasonable to meet the general principles of vehicle design, and The material used should also be higher quality steel or aluminum alloy.

Because the car chassis is very important for the vehicle, so we should pay attention to the identification of the quality of the car chassis, as far as possible from the suspension system, protective equipment and sub-frame, etc. to judge, and try to choose A well-selected car chassis, so that the car can buy a high-quality high-performance and high security.