How Do You Know The Clutch Plate Is Broken

- Jun 23, 2017-

Now the more people to buy cars, maintenance also continue to get attention, car maintenance is good or bad, the car can be shown on the road. There is no timely maintenance and repair, over time, the car may be overhauled. So to do timely maintenance, the following Xiaobian to tell you about the performance of the clutch bad ~

How do you know the clutch plate is broken

Clutch pressure plate how to judge good or bad:

First: feeling the clutch when the time is very difficult

Second: step on the clutch but the file is not smooth

Third: the foot of the refueling but the car starts slow "clutch slip phenomenon"

Fifth: change the clutch plate must go to the regular place to buy, but also to check the above manufacturers logo and physical number

What is the clutch pressure plate that is bad?

Car pressure plate is broken, in addition to the normal wear and tear is the quality of the problem. Clutch plate, pressure plate if it is long in the case of improper operation is easy to wear, such as often half linkage, large throttle start, high-speed low-grade will occur. If it is wear, the starting jitter is due to the clutch plate on the lines of wear more serious, the clutch plate caused by slip. If you do not replace, wear continues to intensify, first the engine seriously lost, your car may be the most high-speed 5000 when the speed can not reach 100km / h. Then it is simple, you found that simply can not start, because the clutch plate, platen completely worn, power has been unable to pass.

How do you know the clutch plate is broken

What is the performance of the clutch plate?

The friction plate is broken or is the starting slippery, or driving power, the engine speed up and the speed does not come up; pressure plate and friction plate is the relationship between the lips and teeth, when the friction plate problems will accelerate the pressure plate grinding, and even flywheel wear, Performance is difficult to transfer files, separated from the start trembling.

Above the clutch pressure plate bad performance on the introduction to it, I hope you can through this article on the brake system by a deeper understanding. Timely maintenance and maintenance of the clutch system of various accessories, the drive will be safe.