Disc Brakes Use Installation Precautions

- Jun 23, 2017-

Use the installation precautions

1, please use the electromagnetic brake in the absence of moisture, oil, etc. If the friction parts are stained with moisture or oil and other substances, the friction torque will be greatly reduced, the sensitivity of the brake will be worse, in order to avoid the use of In these cases, please add a cover.

2, in the dust of many places to use, please put all the brakes into the box. 60KGM electromagnetic brake can be used below the vertical type, even higher models can also be used.

3. Please use the JIS0401 H6 or JS6 specifications for the length of the long shaft used to install the brakes. For the key used to mount the shaft, use one of the requirements specified in JIS B1301-1959.

4, taking into account the thermal expansion and other factors, the installation of the thrust of the shaft, please choose the following 0.2MM.

5, the installation of the mechanical adjustment of the gap will be adjusted to plus or minus 20% of the specified value.

6, please keep the bracket light, do not use the brake bearing to bear the heavy pressure.

7, For the assembly of the screws, please use the spring metal sheet, then the agent to prevent relaxation of the treatment.

8, while using the mechanical side of the frame to maintain the lead at the same time, but also the use of terminal boards and other real connection.

Maintenance method

In order to ensure that the electromagnetic brake running uninterrupted, it must be frequently maintained and maintained:

1, often in the electromagnetic brake moving part of the addition of lubricant.

2, regularly check the length of the armature travel. Because during the operation of the brake, the length of the armature will increase due to the wear of the cutting surface. When the length of the armature stroke is less than normal, it must be adjusted to restore the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable. If the length of the armature stroke increases above normal, it is possible to greatly reduce the suction.

3, if you replace the wear of the brake surface, should be re-adjust the brake surface and the minimum gap between the turntable.

4, often check the degree of tightening bolts, in particular, to tighten the solenoid bolts, electromagnets and shell bolts, yoke bolts, solenoid coil bolts and wiring bolts.

5, regularly check the mechanical parts of the mechanical wear and tear, and remove the surface of the electromagnetic parts of the dust, hair and dirt.