Brake Maintenance

- Jun 23, 2017-

1. Keep the clamp-type hydraulic brake assembly, especially the brake disc and brake lining surface cleaning, so that the entire brake with ease, flexible and reliable, clean and clean.

2. Often observe the oil tank in the brake fluid stock, when the liquid level is lower than the mark line, should be timely to add the original brand clean brake fluid, so that the height higher than the mark line 3 to 5 mm. Never allow the addition of other grades of brake fluid. After the addition, you should open the vent and then tighten the use of exhaust.

3. Regular inspection (usually more than 6,000 km in driving) brake disc thickness. The brake disc must be replaced when the thickness of the brake disc is less than the specified value.

4. In use, the brake lining surface is not allowed to adhere to grease or brake fluid, and regularly check the thickness of the lining, the thickness of less than the specified value, should be replaced lined.

5. The main pump, sub-pump piston leakage oil, you must replace the seal. Should pay special attention to the new seal must be soaked in the brake fluid for more than 75 hours after the replacement, can not be taken on the assembly. Cleaning the cylinder or piston, you must use sprinkling solution, not allowed to use gasoline or other mineral oil.