American Transportation Technology Co., LTD. Develops Wireless Parking Detection Technology To Save Drivers Time

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Pilot Flying J, North America's largest travel hub operator, has more than 750 retail locations and more than 70,000 truck parking Spaces in 44 states.From San Diego to Seattle, along the interstate 5 deployment of 30 Pilot Flying site and a site in Knoxville, Tennessee, after 18 months of testing, is now all configured the Sensys company research and development of the wireless sensor system, the sensor system will provide real-time using MyPilot APP driver parking information.Using Sensys Networks' patented sensing technology, Pilot Flying can transmit information collected from the travel center to the driver's information receiving device, and the driver can read the information through the MyPilot APP.


The federal motor carrier safety administration electronic recording device (ELD) policy take effect on December 18, a move that will save the driver's time, because myPilot APP users can get real-time parking information, and even in the parking lots are seriously constrained lines also can get a parking space.In addition, through the APP, the driver can obtain all the parking information of the truck, and can view or purchase the best parking space, provided the parking sensor is configured in the area.