The principle and function of the relay valve

- Nov 25, 2017-

The relay valve is part of the automotive brake system

The relay valve enters the air inlet to connect the air reservoir, and the air outlet is connected to the brake chamber.

When stepping on the brake pedal, the output pressure of the brake valve ACTS as the control pressure input of the relay valve,nder the control pressure, push the inlet valve open,the compressed air enters the brake chamber directly through the air inlet through the air inlet and does not flow through the brake valve,

This greatly reduces the inflating pipe in the brake chamber and speeds up the inflating process of the air chamber.

So the relay valve is called the acceleration valve.

The relay valve is used for the end of the long line, which makes the compressed air of the air cylinder quickly fill the brake chamber,as in the trailer or semi-trailer brake system.

In the braking system of the truck,the relay valve reduces reaction time and pressure build time.

Differential relay valve is generally used.

To prevent the traffic and parking system from simultaneous operation, the combination of the spring brake cylinder and the force of the spring brake chamber overlap,thus avoid the overload of the mechanical transmission components and the spring brake cylinder is quickly charged and exhaust.