Summary of Automobile Brake Subdivision Industry and Market Trend

- Jun 23, 2017-

Braking system is one of the most important safety systems in the car, and it is also the main criterion for measuring the overall performance of the automobile. More than a decade, more and more attention in the security under the premise of the brake system, many new products, technology research and development and application of the traditional mechanical brake has long been eliminated, hydraulic, pneumatic brake Will gradually be replaced by electromagnetic brake, especially the emergence of wire brake (bbw), completely changed the operating mechanism of the brake, the brake system research into a new field.

    Brake is the most important part of the brake system, at present, almost all of the car brakes through the friction to provide the braking force, mainly drum and disc two categories, drum brakes are mainly used for commercial vehicles, the current application Most of the pneumatic pressure from the shoe-type brake, it is equipped with the auxiliary device in the automatic adjustment arm is the current development of hot spots. Disc brakes are mostly used in passenger cars, floating caliper brakes are the mainstream of the current market. However, in recent years, pneumatic disc brakes are also some vans have been promoted and applied, especially double disc brakes is the focus of this area of research.

    The international market, the automotive industry developed Europe and the United States and Japan region, after the early integration of the industry, restructuring, the formation of a number of large-scale manufacturers, such as Europe, Continental Group, Bray Bo, Knorr, Weibo Ke, Pan Bo (former Bosch Group of Brake Division) less than 10, the United States have days together (acquired by ZF acquisition), the United States Chi, Delphi (by the Beijing West Heavy Industries acquisition), Japan has Edwards, Hitachi, Nissin spinning and so on. These well-known enterprises are all systems and modular product suppliers, and with the vehicle factory to maintain long-term stability of the supporting and cooperative relations, the global pre-installed market share of more than 75%.

    At present, China's brake market is in a period of integration, whether foreign brands or local enterprises, are constantly through various ways to expand market share. Domestic brake manufacturers about 40 or so, it is predicted that through a period of integration, there will be half of the business will be acquired or eliminated. In addition, sales, the joint venture brand sales accounted for 75%, the more well-known SAIC brake, the South Tienhe, days of the rich Austrian, Lucas Weilida Gallery and so on. Local enterprises market more concentrated in commercial vehicles and some passenger cars, such as Yuanfeng, Wanxiang Qian Chao, Wanan, Hengfeng and other commercial vehicles to support the main, Asia-Pacific Electrical and Mechanical, East Light Ao, China Bo, Burt Lee and other passenger cars to support the main.

Overall, the development of the automotive brake market mainly presents the following trends:

1. Lightweight, green, environmentally friendly concept, requiring material and technology to be a breakthrough. Such as Bray Bo launched a light brake disc, which uses a cast iron base and steel base, the product can reduce the weight of the vehicle 4-8 kg. There are also calipers, the traditional multi-ball or gray iron material, and now many companies launched an aluminum calipers.

2. Systematic, modular product demand increased. In order to reduce production costs, simplify the automobile manufacturing process, save assembly time, and gradually reduce the supply level, will focus on the development of some can provide modular products suppliers. Such as Shanghai GM, the whole car is divided into 18 modules, each module is basically a supply by an enterprise. Braking system contains many important components, the brake is only one of them, a single product structure in the future market competition advantage is not.

3. Electronic brake and electronic control technology are the focus of current and future research. With the development of electronic and large scale integrated circuits, the form of automotive brake systems is also changing. The previously mentioned wire brake (bbw), because it is full electric brake, not only can save a lot of piping and sensors, but also improve the braking response speed, combined with some auxiliary control system, will achieve the desired braking effect The However, the promotion of this product is the first to solve the problem of driving energy, is currently only in some electric vehicles or hybrid power vehicles to use. Electronic control technology is mainly to expand the scope of control, increase the control function, in order to achieve precise control of the direction of development.