Development of automobile brakes

- Jun 23, 2017-

The development of modern car brakes originated in the original mechanical control device, the most primitive brake control is only the driver to operate a group of simple mechanical device to exert force on the brake, when the car weight is relatively small, relatively low speed, mechanical brake Has been able to meet the needs of automotive braking, but with the increase in the weight of the car itself, booster device for mechanical brakes is becoming more and more important. Thus began to appear a vacuum booster.

1932 production of the weight of 2860kg Cadillac V16 four wheel with a diameter of 419.1mm drum brakes, and a brake pedal control of the vacuum booster. Lincoln also introduced the V12 sedan in 1932, which uses a drum brakes that control the vacuum booster through four soft cables. With the development of science and technology and the development of the automobile industry, especially the development of military vehicles and military technology, vehicle braking has a new breakthrough, hydraulic brake is another major innovation after mechanical braking.

DuesenbergEight was the first to use the car hydraulic brake, Chrysler's four-wheel hydraulic brake came in 1924, the United States General Motors and Ford Motor Company in 1934 and 1939, respectively, using hydraulic braking technology. By the 1950s, hydraulic brake was only a reality. After 80 years of development, hydraulic brake technology is now the most mature and most economical braking technology, and applied in the current majority of passenger cars.

The main brake components include brake pedal mechanism, vacuum booster, brake master cylinder, brake hose, proportional valve, brake and brake brake, auxiliary brake, servo brake, etc. Brake warning lights and so on. In the brake system, vacuum booster, brake master cylinder and brake brakes is the most important part, in addition, car anti-lock braking system (ABS) has become the standard electronic brake.

1, front wheel disc brake 2, brake master cylinder 3, vacuum booster 4, brake pedal mechanism 5, rear wheel drum brake 6, brake combination valve 7, brake warning light

Vacuum booster assembly

Automotive support For safety and reliability considerations, vacuum booster and brake master cylinder together with the vacuum booster assembly to form a matching model. From the China Automobile Industry Association annual statistics of more than 20 domestic major vacuum booster assembly production enterprises, with the development of China's automobile production since 2000, China's auto vacuum booster assembly has also been a rapid development, production From 193.89 million units in 2000 to 6.5 million units in 2007. According to the statistics of the Automotive Industry Association