Car brake pad data

- Jun 23, 2017-

Brake system used in the brake system is a polymer composite material, mainly by the binder, reinforcing fiber and friction performance regulator and other materials mixed, and then processed by a series of products from the process. Brake pads are an important part of the car's braking system, and its performance data relate to the safety of the vehicle. The following car brake pads manufacturer to take you to understand the information on the car brake pads.

Speaking of brake pads, the first thing to say is the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient is affected by many external factors, in which the temperature is an important factor affecting the friction coefficient. Brake in the friction process, due to the rapid increase in temperature, the friction coefficient began to decline, when the temperature reaches the resin and rubber decomposition temperature range, the friction coefficient will suddenly decrease. This phenomenon is called "hot recession", a serious "hot recession" will lead to brake failure.

The second is the shearing force of the brake pads. In the friction process, the brake film in addition to bear a high temperature, but also to withstand greater pressure and shear force. Therefore, the brake pads must be required to have a certain impact strength, compressive strength, shear strength, at high temperature does not occur thermal expansion and thermal cracking.