Can not forget to wash and do the chassis clean!

- Jun 23, 2017-

Rainy season as much as possible car wash, because the rain of acidic substances on the car's paint has a strong corrosive effect. If not timely processing, over time, car paint will lose luster. The most effective way to protect the body paint is to wax the body and seal glaze, to prevent the paint fade aging.

After heavy rain, you should also promptly clean the bottom of the car, otherwise it may lead to vehicle wheel side and chassis parts of the sludge accumulation, so it is easy to hide the moisture which led to rust, round chamber may even loose perforation.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the car chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment. Also be careful not to use alkaline cleaning fluid rinse the body and chassis. Such as the original car did not do the chassis seal the best vehicle to do a chassis seal plastic. In addition, regularly check and clean the door and the bottom of the body of the drainage hole, check the car cover the humidity.